Bleeding Buds….


Spring has come buds are blooming…

New life is evident everywhere bringing happiness.

Small bud is still sleeping in the bed of roses…

God bless it with most varied colour and magnificence.


She is the meticulous precision of the maker…

We owe to guard you till you bloom into a flower later.

You have filled our lives with colours and fragrance…

Oh God! We are so thankful and in constant admiration.


Your journey from a bud to flower was spectacular…

You gave each one around a reason to smile and feel connected.

We saw dreams for you and you gave so many dreams for our eyes…

And gave all the reason to smile and look up to the life.


Did’t  realized when you turned into flower…

And the thorns in the bed started growing longer.

We tried to save you many times hurting our own hands…

But destiny was cruel and had its own plans and stands.


One morning, which we never wanted to wake up and see,

We saw you lying lifeless bleeding profusely…

The destiny had taken its toll…

In the night when everyone was sleeping the thorns played their role.


We were devastated we were shocked.

We wanted to complain and wanted to ask God…

Why god gave you life and smile…

If he wanted to end your journey in such a tragic tie.


Our faith on god and springs are shattered…

Now new buds blooming gives my heart an ache.

If we cannot save them or give save environment

Please do not give them life for God sake.


New spring comes new buds bloom…

My heart is sinking and constantly in a gloom.

I can still see the sparkling colours in the flower.

The blood red colour shines and the thorns around looks even more  longer….


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3 responses to “Bleeding Buds….”

  1. says :

    Whatever seriously motivated you to write
    “Bleeding Buds. | Straight from heart”? I reallytruly appreciated the blog post!
    Regards -Rolland

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